Vantage Group is a strategic planning management & marketing consulting firm committed to improving your business.

We know that the success of your business depends on how all aspects of your organization work together that is why we examine every area and then address challenges in priority order to create the greatest impact in the most time efficient manner. 

We achieve this by evaluating each aspect of your business and then personally and systematically developing a plan with you based on your business goals.  We then come along side and partner with you to achieve those goals.

By utilizing Vantage Group, you apply years of additional experience to your organization.  We can partner with you from the beginning or join you at any point along the way.  What sets us apart from other consulting groups is our broad base of expertise.  We are committed to ensure your success, from cash flow, financial planning, merchandise evaluation and selection, inventory control, advertising, and overall store management.  We understand how each element is critical to your success.

Vantage Group understands that when you are SUCCESSFUL we are SUCCESSFUL!

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Pre-Employment Testing
  • Lessens employee turnover
  • Helps you create the work environment you desire
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