8 Ways to WOW Your Customer This Season

Do more than give great service this year... really WOW your customer.

Here's some ideas how:

1. Greet with an open ended, non-threatening question
2. Offer a warm beverage while they shop
3. Offer to clean their jewelry, "so it will look great for the holidays"
4. Answer the phone with a cheerful, "Happy Holidays here at ____ Jewelers!"
5. Compliment your customer on their attire be it clothing, shoes, or hairstyle
6. Ask them to try on a new item you just got in - show you value their opinion
7. Offer to call in a month or so to remind them to come have their new item cleaned and checked
8. Be genuine about your good-byes. Look them in the eye, call them by name, and wish them a, "Happy Holiday"