The most important thing you can do to grow this season's business!

You have bought the product, planned your events, and cleaned the store from top to bottom.  You have covered the basics, polished the merchandise, all the tags are fresh, and the decorations adorn your establishment.

OK, you've built it ...
now they'll come ...
 or will they?????

You could significantly grow your Christmas business this coming year by 30% - 50% if you would make one focused commitment.  Relationship selling!  Don't stop reading, I'm serious, it truly works.

Statistics show that most customers are one time purchasers or unloyal for the following reasons:

  •  they felt your pricing was too high or unfair
  •  they had an unresolved complaint
  •  they took advantage of a competitor's offer
  • they didn't feel a connection with you or that you cared for them


Most fall into the later two groups.

In this retail age it is easy to WOW the customer.  You see the lack of service when you visit other retail establishments.  Stores talk about giving service, but how many actually provide it?  There's your opportunity. 
Great customer service followed by a genuine relationship.

Relationship building takes effort but it's also free, it has depth, and establishes longevity.  This is where the rare, loyal customers come from.

Here's the strategy for this fourth quarter.

You must commit to it and get your team on board.  Pull out your customer list and identify your 'most important' clients, the top 20%; however you want to define that is up to you.  Now get them on the phone, let them know you were thinking of them, and remembered the last thing they bought.  You would just like to let them know you are here to make this Christmas extra special and if there is anything specific they would like you to bring in for them to look at, now would be the time to do so.  Now, when the call is finished don't just check it off, make notes and do the follow up.  One by one the sales will come in and your profits will grow through the season.

Will you take the challenge, seriously embrace this very effective and personal way of reaching your customers?  Even if you need to bring in staff dedicated to this focused project it's worth it. 

We would love to hear your results come January!