About the Principals

Dan & Lori Askew founded Vantage Group in 1998  to answer  the needs of the retail industry.  The independent retailer is bombarded by both opportunity and competition.  Prior to founding Vantage Group, Dan and Lori had decades of experience working for both national retailers and independent chains. Vantage Group is committed to partnering with proactive business owners who are visionaries desiring to grow their business.  The experience Dan and Lori bring offers strategic direction while avoiding many of the pitfalls along the way.  Vantage Group brings years of experience to you and your team to work side by side to take your business to the next level.

Dan Askew    

Dan's many years of business management experience give him the expertise in the details of what it takes for a company to succeed. He has a proven record of delivering results by identifying problems, formulating solutions, and executing action plans. By constructing a strong foundation based on financial planning, utilizing budgeting and marketing strategies, and building a team of well-trained professionals, Dan’s expertise will propel any company to the next level.
Dan has more than 35 years of experience in the retail industry. As president and CEO of several organizations, he has succeeded in taking them to new and higher levels of sales and profitability. His experience working with over two hundred retailers gives him a unique vantage point of the industry. By staying astutely aware of business trends and market changes, Dan helps others become aware of future business impacts. The foundation of Dan's career and reputation is built on honesty, directness, and integrity.

Lori Askew 

Lori Askew‘s natural drive and determination is fueled by the desire to help clients achieve success.  As an accomplished professional with over 25 years retail experience, she has a proven record of developing and delivering successful strategic plans.  Her focus is on market analysis, financial forecasting and merchandise mix for improved growth of her clients. Her unique and enthusiastic style guarantees each client a personal and distinctive plan designed specifically for their goals and increased profitability.
As an original founder of the Center for Retail Studies at Texas A&M University and an entrepreneur since her college days, Lori takes particular interest in special projects and new challenges.  After years with several major retailers, she now shares her knowledge and experience with organizations to help identify market niche, increase market share, and become more financially solid.
Lori's commitment to her clients is unsurpassed. By putting her clients first in every way, she maintains their vision at all times. She recognizes the uniqueness of each client, and therefore creates working relationships for both long-term basis and short-term projects.
Lori is a multifaceted professional who can help any company achieve breakthrough results--regardless of the situation. Allow her to help you formulate a winning strategy to take your company to the next level.